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Newly Ordained Deacons 2023

Newly Ordained Deacons 2023

Congratulations to our newly ordained Deacons, on February 04th, 2023,12 Jesuits were ordained to the diaconate by H.E. Card. Carlos Osoro Sierra, archbishop of Madrid, at Parish of Sagrado de Jesus Corazón y San Francisco de Borja. Among the 12 are 2 from the Thai region: Francis Xavier Phanthatraks Rueangswasdi SJ and David Sakda Saenbanchoedsuk SJ.



Francis Xavier Phanthatraks Rueangswasdi SJ



David Sakda Saenbanchoedsuk SJ




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The Society of Jesus was founded in 1540 by Saint Ignatius Loyola and his companions. The mission of the Jesuits is a mission of justice and reconciliation, working so that women and men can be reconciled with God, with themselves, with each other and with God’s creation.

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