Congratulations to Our New Scholastics

Congratulations to Our New Scholastics

After our three novices spent two years at the Maria Della Strada Novitiate in Taunggyi, Myanmar, they professed their First Vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Vow Day Mass was held on 19th March 2022 at Holy Spirit Church, Seven Fountains, Chiang Mai,11:00 AM.

There were many people come to join the Mass such as our members, their families, friends, priests from other congregations etc. We, Jesuits are very gratful that we have more members and have more hope that Jesuit Vocations can grow well in Thailand.


First Vows


First Vows of

Sch. Joseph Thanatorn Upaka, SJ

Sch. John the Baptism Kopkungoenthong, SJ

Sch. Joseph Thatsanai Upaka, SJ


First Vows 7


First Vows 2


Saturday, 19th March 2022, 11:00 AM

At Holy Spirit Church, Seven Fountains,

Chiang Mai



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The Society of Jesus was founded in 1540 by Saint Ignatius Loyola and his companions. The mission of the Jesuits is a mission of justice and reconciliation, working so that women and men can be reconciled with God, with themselves, with each other and with God’s creation.

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