Newly Ordained Priests 2023

Newly Ordained Priests 2023

On July 15, 2023, all Jesuits in Thailand felt overwhelmed with happiness and blessings to congratulate our three brothers, Rev. Fr. Francis Xavier Pantharaks Rueangswasdi, Rev. Fr. David Sakda Saenbanchoedsuk, and Rev. Fr. Joseph Nguyen Van Luong, on their recent ordination as priests. Bishop Francis Xavier Vira Arpondratana served as the ceremonial presider, and the event was held at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Chiang Mai, Thailand.



The assignments of the new priests were announced by Fr Garaizabal, the Regional Superior, a few days before the ordination. Fr. Francis Xavier Pantharaks will serve as a regional archivist, house minister (Xavier Hall), and assistant pastor of the chapel at Xavier Hall in Bangkok. Fr. Joseph Nguyen Van Luong will work as a student chaplain, caring for Magis and as a JRS officer. Fr. David Sakda will also be responsible for retreat ministry, assistant XLC Student Affairs, and the candidacy program at Xavier Learning Community in Chiang Rai province.




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